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Microsoft Teams is an extensive communication platform that offers a variety of useful functions from the get-go, from video meetings and team chats to file storage, and more.

The list of obvious features that Microsoft Teams provides is vast and varied, and it includes, but not exclusive to, the following:. Many different less-known features of Microsoft Teams are known for making the overall user experience as good as possible.

Team productivity is the first feature group of many, and it includes a variety of features, such as tabs, activity filtering via mentions, content bookmarking, etc.

Slash commands, the ability to hide and show teams, virtual backgrounds and whiteboards also belong to this category. The capability of sharing and combining your Wikis or synchronizing your SharePoint sites are also included in the mix. Business leaders, on the other hand, are enjoying their extensive analytics and BI, as well as meeting recording capabilities, private channels, easier first-line workers management, and so on.

While the extent of MS Teams capabilities on its own is relatively large, the possible addition and integration of various third party apps makes the entire platform even more versatile and multifunctional than it was originally intended. Speaking of app integration, Microsoft is aiming to soon allow for the third-party applications to be even more integrated into the Teams platform — both in the video chat and outside of it.

A few examples of those integrations are content display during video calls, notification display, and other examples of the usual feature expansion. And each of those applications is aiming to provide a case-specific feature for specific use cases.

Zoom is a decently sized video conference software that offers the impressive quality of digital interactions with a user-friendly interface. The integration of Zoom into Teams as an application allows for a variety of features, like video meeting records, interaction with people outside of MS Teams, acquire meeting summaries, and so on.

It is mostly utilized via Teams bot and its commands. Cisco Webex Meetings is another alternative for a video conference tool with specific features that other services might not have. Of course, video conferences are not the only way to interact with each other, and this is where Freehand comes in. Freehand is a tool that offers a shared sketchboard for all of the meeting participants, allowing for a bunch of features, like presentations, collective drawing, visual planning, wireframing, and so on.

Microsoft Teams collaboration allows Cacoo to notify users about diagram activities, controlling access to diagrams, and so on. A lot of customer service software also needs their own integration to stay relevant within MS Teams — like Freshdesk, for example. Freshdesk is a customer support software with plenty of features on its own, like multiple support channels email, phone, live chat, social media, etc. Givitas is an application that makes it easier for employees to have access to specific data, and to ask for that access when they need it to do their job.

Alternatively, Mindmeister is, as the name suggests, an application built specifically for mind-mapping, visual brainstorming, idea sharing — creating an application that provides all of those capabilities, and more. The usage of the app itself is instantaneous and it supports both standalone OSs and Office Polly is a popular survey integration application that allows exactly that — poll creation, surveys with multiple answers, and so on.

The main goal of this is to gain feedback on almost any question quickly and effectively. Education should be fun, too, and Kahoot! This is where applications like Jibble are used the most, allowing leaders to track both attendance and work time of the employees — all of that within the Teams platform.

Client billing tracking, payroll tracking, productivity tracking, and more — all of that is available with Jibble. Technical part of collaboration is also extremely important, which makes apps like Mio even more valuable. Mio is an application that helps to connect users of MS Teams with Slack of Cisco Webex Teams to eliminate workplace silos and keep the connections between your employees. All of that also includes message sharing, file uploads, native connection between teams, and so on.

In the current post-pandemic world a lot of companies still have to work remotely, which creates a lot of additional health-related problems for regular employees, like physical stagnation.

Health Hero aims to solve that problem by giving a number of features, like linking health tracking devices, health-related challenges, leaderboards, and more. The overarching popularity of Microsoft Teams has led to an extremely wide market of third-party applications being created to serve the companies in one way or another.

A few more examples of such applications are:. Trello is widely used as a project management tool already, and its integration with MS Teams allows it to become even more useful than ever before.

Track projects and tasks, manage them all from within the messenger itself, collaborate, receive notifications — these are just some of the capabilities that Trello can do when used as one of the MS Teams apps. When it comes to MS Teams apps, Karma is a great option, providing the means of analyzing reports and praising employees on a scale of the entire company. Wiki is one of the default MS Teams apps that are included whenever you create a new channel.

One of the biggest use cases for Wiki is the ability to create how-to guides that other employees can follow. It is easily accessible and offers an unprecedented ability to generate best practices and guidelines for your employees. Automatization has the highest priority when it comes to ScrumGenius and its capabilities.

It is an app that helps with generating automatic team status meetings, including daily, weekly and personal ones. ScrumGenius sends questionnaires to each employee on a regular basis using a set of questions — and then sends the results to team leaders.

This kind of approach allows for improved productivity, better record-keeping, and more. Another example of a management-related MS Teams app is AttendanceBot, which is mostly used for tracking — be it work hours, paid time off, sick days, vacations, remote work, etc. It is at its most useful for remote teams, making the entire process of tracking work hours that much easier. AttendanceBot is easy to work with and does not require any kind of knowledge on the subject to operate properly and efficiently.

The main purpose of MailClark is to centralize your communication channels in one place — within your MS Teams interface. It offers a shared smart inbox within your channel, and can collect messages from many different sources: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook, or any other IMAP client, to name a few. In addition to that, you can also send messages using those sources, and not just receive them — allowing for communication continuity and better organization for your messages and emails.

Another take on a notification-related MS Teams app is Zenduty, which is an incident management platform with real-time alerts. You can now start using the Freshdesk app inside Microsoft Teams to manage tickets. If you don’t have a Freshdesk account, you can install Freshdesk directly from Microsoft Teams. The Freshdesk app within Microsoft Teams simplifies cross-team collaboration and improves agent productivity and performance.

When you open the Freshdesk app on Microsoft Teams for the first time, you will see options to create a new ticket or take a tour. You can also go to your Freshdesk account from here. If you are unfamiliar with using the Freshdesk app, we recommend you to take the tour to explore the various features and options. This enables you to quickly perform the following tasks within the Microsoft Teams app and resolve issues faster without switching tabs. U pdate existing tickets.

Reply to customers. Add public and private notes. Every time you receive notifications from the Freshdesk app on customer replies, ticket assignments, or ticket updates, the Freshdesk app allows you to take quick actions directly on Microsoft Teams. The app gives you a brief summary of the ticket and lets you perform the following actions:. Note: Sometimes, notifications from Freshdesk may not work. For example, if an agent is removed and later added, they may be unable to access the notifications.

To resolve this issue, type Connect on the chat window on Freshdesk to re-establish the connection. As an admin or a supervisor, you can set automation rules in Freshdesk to automatically send notifications to relevant teams within Microsoft Teams.

Based on the automation rules, whenever a ticket is created or updated, a notification will be automatically sent to the team to notify all agents about ticket updates. For example, you can create automation rules to immediately notify specific channels within Microsoft Teams whenever a ticket with “Urgent” priority is received and allow agents to take quick actions on tickets.

Note : To receive the automatic notifications within specific teams, make sure agents add the Freshdesk app to the relevant teams within Microsoft Teams. For instructions, check the steps above. Did you find it helpful? Yes No. If you are using the previous version of Freshdesk , refer to this article instead. We will be replacing the older version of Freshdesk with the new Mint experience on January 31, All your data and configurations will remain intact.

Switching back to the old Freshdesk will not be possible. To read about this feature on Freshdesk Mint , refer to this article instead. This feature is currently not available on Freshdesk Mint. This feature is not available on the old Freshdesk.

Estate Omnichannel Forest Omnichannel. We have recently refreshed our branding across our offerings and changed the names of our pricing plans. If you have signed up before Aug 9, , please click Previous plans to view your applicable plans. We assure you that this change will not impact your product experience, and no action is required on your part.

Introduction The Freshdesk-Microsoft Teams integration brings your internal and support teams together, making cross-team collaboration effortless and frictionless. In this article, you will learn about: How to set up and use Microsoft Teams? Creating new tickets Taking action on tickets How to automatically push ticket creation notifications to Microsoft Teams? How to set up and use Microsoft Teams? Existing customers If you are an existing Freshdesk customer, follow the steps below: Install the Microsoft Teams app on Freshdesk This will be done by the Admins.

Note : Make sure each agent in your team installs and adds the Freshdesk app inside Microsoft Teams. New customers If you sign up for a Freshdesk account from Microsoft Teams from the apps section , the corresponding Microsoft Teams app inside Freshdesk will be automatically installed. Note : If your a gents use different email addresses on Freshdesk and Microsoft Teams, they must manually link their ID to set up the connection.

C heck the steps below: Authorizing Microsoft Teams manually This step is required only if you use different email addresses on Freshdesk and Microsoft Teams. Login to Freshdesk as an agent. Click on the profile icon and go to Profile Settings. On the right panel, under Connect to Microsoft Teams , click Authorize. You will be redirected to the Microsoft login page.

Enter the Microsoft ID you want to associate with your Freshdesk email. Once you do this, your account will be linked to Microsoft successfully. Click Open and select Add to a team. Choose the team and click Set up a bot. Now you will see the Freshdesk app inside the selected team. On the Freshdesk app, click Sign up. Accept the permission request from Microsoft and authorize the connection with Freshdesk. After successful installation, you will see the following message.

You will receive an email to activate your Freshdesk account. Click on the activation link in your email to activate the account to start using Freshdesk. How to use the Freshdesk app in the Microsoft Teams app? U pdate existing tickets Reply to customers Add public and private notes Note : You will receive notifications from the Freshdesk app only when a ticket is assigned to you or if you are added as a watcher. Also, you will not receive the new ticket event notification if you assign the ticket to yourself.

Creating new tickets On the Microsoft Teams app, click on the Freshdesk app from the left panel.



The Microsoft Teams App : Freshdesk

This has been particularly true during the pandemic as businesses rushed to facilitate virtual meetings between staffers working remotely. Qubie is an app that brings feedback from your team members and gathers the results simply and understandably. Templates are also available for building surveys and quizzes, with analytics to measure response and drop-off rates. Mobile apps.


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