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Rod also had amazing additional resources for folks at the seminar. Note:Click the image thumbnail to view full size. You can view the entire eSeminar here: bit. First going over all the details of the usage and potential configurations, and then he teaches me to build a basic business process diagram using drag and drop to allow the learner to test themselves on the proper sequence of events in a process flow.

There are a host of these awesome widgets out there and they are growing every day. Why is it necessary to have a widget at all if the quiz includes it. Please explain! Tested it with Firefox 3.

With IE everything is ok, but in Firefox I hear many voices at the same time. There seems to be something wrong with the audio. About a minute in to the program I get an echo that makes the audio unlistenable. Is it just my system? You must be logged in to post a comment. Show All Notifications. Join Community. Sign In. Post here. Virtual Reality. Events and Announcements. Free Projects. Learning Hub.

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December 14, Our training courses teach administrators at the very corporate level in companies like Kaiser and Kilroy Realty. I also create online meditation courses. Newbie 3 posts. Followers: 11 people. Advanced Actions. Learning Interactions. Local Storage. Yarik V. Lieve Weymeis.

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Projects by Industry Verticals. Workshop Projects. Perhaps it belongs just above the Thumbnails as Exit State? Adobe — just do it! Now we need to link the buttons to the States. These buttons are just rectangular shapes and I copied them from Slide 1. This image shows the Action from the first button on this Slide 2 presentation. This is faster than using Advanced Actions and you can right click on the slide thumbnail and select Duplicate with good results and no rework.

In this example, the four objects shown are drawn objects setup as buttons. Then, each of the buttons is setup as a State. The normal States of a button are Up, Hover or Down.

This could be an image, a visible drawn object or a drawn, but transparent object. Focus on the button idea for this presentation. This is my new solution to present quick pre-quiz questions to the users where they can hover the mouse over the question to reveal the answers. The image below shows the State View thumbnail and edit of the thumbnail and a reminder of how to Exit State View you remember that, right?

Notice that the State container shape and size is coming from the original on the main Adobe Captivate screen. Once the State is selected, the font, color, size, shadow, Etc. Notice that shape objects and a small Blogger button were added to illustrate that each State can hold other objects, images, sound, video, Etc.

It is important to note that the two states are Normal and Hover. In this example, the Selected mouse Down state was deleted. I had hoped that interactive widgets would work. It is a click event and not a hover. The header of each accordion section is limited to only so much text and then it overflows and cannot be read It may crash form the overflow. At runtime the accordion section header will expand to two rows, but then when you click on the first one, the others collapse to one row.

Not a good choice to be able to read the question first. There are still more solutions like advanced CSS think fly-out menu and JavaScript; it is all possible, but that is a lot of maintenance as a solution. For fly-over action needs, the State View area opens up fast development, simple slide cloning and reasonable results without the fuss of Advanced Actions. There is more to State Views and you can add more layers, but I hope this initial trip into the topic has you thinking of some of the possibilities with the basics.

Greeting all. Any suggestions please what am i doing wrong? Using Adobe Captivate Learning Interactions As an Instructional Designer, I am always concerned about how to organize and present content in a way that does not overwhelm my learners. The Sample Project click the link to get it : Test-States Buttons Project Imagine that these buttons are questions and the goal is to have the answer appear on a click or when the mouse hovers over the button.

All buttons and answer rectangles are made from shapes and not buttons. The rectangle on the screen that holds the instructions and answers is a group of 4 equally sized rectangle shape objects. The rectangles were all sized the same and grouped together. Each one has a unique name in the group. One for the instructions and then the three answers are underneath that. This is important to note because the Advanced action hides the group before revealing the answer when the buttons are clicked, rather than having four lines of Advanced Actions that hide each rectangle.

The buttons link to Advanced Actions that first Hide the Group of answers. While control is good, the major drawbacks of this approach are: Advanced Actions are needed for much of the work and it creates many objects if you look at the timeline.

Duplicating a slide only goes so far, you need to modify the advanced action for each slide and then point ot those advanced actions.


Adobe captivate 2017 widgets free

When the Import dialog opens, navigate to the folder containing saved shared actions.


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